Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6/8/11 Updates

Just a few small updates for you today.  It's been another busy week for me, including a psychology midterm, babysitting my adorable nephew, and coming down with a cold. 

"Cinderella" is still coming along pretty slowly.  Lots of light colors and jumping around.  Still, I'm pleased with the progress so far:

I've also worked a little bit on the new embroidery project.  I decided to try filling in the small flowers to see how it would look.

The flower on the left was my first attempt, but I wasn't totally happy with the way it looked.  The right flower, I think, turned out much nicer, so yesterday I picked out the center of the left flower to get it ready to re-do.  It is so much more difficult to pull out stitching in embroidery than it is in cross stitching!  This whole process has been so much fun to learn.  I'm really enjoying it!

**Edited 11:22am -- mixed up my "lefts" and "rights".  Thanks a lot, head congestion!**


Wendy said...

your embroidery looks auwsome !

I have a question about cinderella ; those blue lines, did you draw them yourself, or are they in the fabric ?
and most inportant of all, do they wash out ?

Lauren said...

The blue lines were drawn by me, using a Clover washable fabric pen. They do wash out, although I'm sure the longer they are on the fabric, the more difficult getting them completely out will be.

That being said, I only grid when the whole project will be completely covered with stitches in case they don't come out completely. They will probably never be seen!

Anonymous said...

Great work. Cinderella looks great and I like your embroidery design :)

Toni said...

I like your cinderella colors, they are soothing to the eyes. Looking forward for more updates. About the washable fabric pen, I didn't find it hard to remove. I just soak my cross stitch piece in soapy water for an hour (I think or maybe just 30 minutes) and it was totally gone.

Your embroidery is getting lovelier!

Heather L said...

If it comes completely out then when I have big projects. I will have to try that. love following this project.

Lauren said...

Thank you all so much for your comments. They really make my whole day when I read them!