Friday, June 3, 2011

6/3/11 Update

Got some stitching done on Cinderella last night.  I've been so busy with school work, taking care of my kids, stressing out about FedEx and living my day-to-day life that stitching hadn't come to the forefront for a while.  I was really nice just to sit still and stitch.

It's not a huge update, but I did manage to fill in a few squares of confetti that I had missed.  Right now I'm working on the far left side filling in grey/white (which is no fun!)

Still no good news on the Day [9] project.  Barring a miracle, I fear it may be gone forever.  Since there is nothing I can do to bring it back, I'm working up the will to start over on it.  We'll see.

Thanks for checking in!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

all those puples and pinks are just lovely !
I know how nice it is to just sit and stitch, and how difficult it often is to find the time...

hope your lost project turns up !