Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/31/11 Mini Update

No new stitching, but people on the Cross Stitch Forum were posting up pics of the back of their work.  I'm slightly OCD and obsess CONSTANTLY about how the back of my work looks.  It may not be the neatest out there, but I'm really proud of it.  No loose strands, no knots and I work really hard to make sure the thread lays as flat as possible.

Do you ever show the back of your work? Or is it something you could never imagine doing?


Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Lauren :)
Re: the back of ones work.. when I finished the first piece I'd ever stitched, and showed it to my late MIL,she asked to see the back first!! To her, the neatness of it was an indicaton of my skill,she was complimentary :)but said there was room for improvement. I think apart from my own Mum she is the only person I would have shown the back of my work at that time :)These days if I'm happy that is all that matters, that and being happy with the front of my stitching!!

Lauren said...

I totally agree! As long as the front looks good, then the back doesn't really matter. I have noticed that (and I hate to even type this) some of the "older" stitchers care much more for how the back looks. I suppose it was just ingrained in me to keep it neat and tidy!

Lostinblue said...

I start off neatly on the back and then as time goes on I don't think I'm so careful, so I wouldn't be happy to show anyone my back really.

I did have one friend who I showed a project to who immediately turned it over to view the back, as his daughter stitches and I could see I didn't compare favourably. oops!


Roksana said...

Wow! It's a perfect "back"! I try to do the same, but never show it on my blog or somewhere else.