Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5/17 Update

I received lots of replies and encouragement over at my favorite stitching forum in regard to my concern over the color of my last stitches.  For now, I'm going to leave the stitching as it is and continue working around it.  Once the surrounding colors are completed, I'll look to see how the color holds up and decide whether or not to rip it out then. 

It'll probably be a few more days before I start stitching again.  I had an unexpected hospital stay last night and, as I result, I am a little behind on the schedule I've given myself to complete some school work.  Factoring in the additional rest I'm going to need, stitching is going to have to go on the back burner. 

Let's just hope that the stitching bug still decides to stay!  Last time something like this happened it took a few weeks for me to pick up the needle again.

BTW, if anyone reading this has a stitching blog, please leave a comment so I can follow your blog!  I love following other people's projects.

Have a great day!

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