Friday, May 20, 2011

5/20/11 - Bookmark

I've taken a small break from the Cinderella project for a little while.  I just haven't found the time to really sit down and devote the mental effort that it seems to take just to get some stitching done. 

A few days ago, the children and I went out to brunch with their great grandparents.  Before heading home, they took me by Michael's craft store and bought me some new stash!  I got a few clearance kits and some blank bookmarks, which is perfect because I've been needing some smaller projects.  It seems that every kit I currently have is a large, time consuming ordeal and I definitely think that small projects bring a sense of accomplishment.

So, yesterday, I sat down and whipped up a bookmark that my husband had been asking me to make for him.  I charted it out myself and got it all stitched up a lot quicker than I thought.

It's very simple, but I'm pleased with the result. 

The back of this design looks really interesting as well.  I was going to try and cover it somehow, but since it's very neat and doesn't look bad I think I'll leave it alone.

Almost looks like another language!
I'm hoping to finish up a majority of my school work for today so I can get back to stitching Cinderella this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Lauren, Love your Bookmark and your Back Is Amazing!