Thursday, May 12, 2011


After battling with this SD for the past few weeks, one of the built in ports I have finally decided to cooperate! 

Here are the latest pictures for the Cinderella project:

I'm so happy with how this one is coming along!  I decided to work a bit more on the castle instead of the sky, mostly because I was getting tired of the purples!  Right now, the focus is on the top left corner getting fully completed.  Once that is finished, I can put the hoop back on without having to worry about missing stitches. 

Also, on the Day [9] project, it should be on it's way out to California today.  I mailed it off last week to one of his moderators who is going to hand deliver it to him today or tomorrow.  Before I sent it off, my kids were nice enough to pose for a picture with it:

My daughter was super excited, while my son was too busy pretending to play Final Fantasy II to really care.
I think I may work on stitching a few bookmarks on the side.  It's difficult stitching the same huge project constantly.  Sometimes I feel like there is no sense of accomplishment.  Maybe a small project or two that I could quickly complete would help.  Anyone know of any good bookmark patterns?

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