Monday, April 11, 2011

Day [9] Project

The most recent project I completed was something that my husband requested.  He's a big StarCraft nerd and enjoys listening to the netcast of a player named Day [9]. 

The Logo

I admit that I am NOT a fan of the game, but Sean (the man behind Day [9]) is hilarious to watch.  Even though I don't know any of the terminology that he uses or even what exactly that game is supposed to accomplish, his humor is too funny to miss.

So, when I was looking for a new project, my husband suggested that I create the logo for the netcast.  The challenge seemed fun, so I went ahead with it.  I found an online pattern maker, entered the specifics and uploaded the picture, then headed off to the craft store to get the materials I needed. 

Around 400 stitches in... not much to look at!
Definitely started looking better with some color in it!
Page 2 completed

I spent around 2 months working on this project off and on.  Some medical problems kept me from completing it as quickly as I would have liked.  Eventually, I just started dragging it around from doctor's office to doctor's office and working on it while I waited. 

There are actualy 3 different colors (black, dark navy, and light navy) in that outline of page 3.

After finishing well over 6,700 individual stitches, the project was finally completed!    I decided to mount it in a simple, black frame.  Originally, I wanted to have it matted, but after looking at it with the mat in place I decided that I liked it better by itself.  The mat seemed to take away from the stitching itself and made it look more like just a picture in a frame.

As I type this, we are waiting to hear back from Sean (or his moderators) to see about sending this off to him.  I'm very proud of it myself.  It's the first piece I've put together myself without using a kit.  This was definitely a trial and error experience, but I am thrilled with the results! 


the_ultimate_generation said...

great job!

Anise said...

Wow, that's really cool. It must have taken forever!

I hope you find it, it sucks that it got lost by fedex. You should bitch them out until they give you something for free.