Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011 Look Back

I have totally dropped off the blogging map lately, but for a few really good reasons.  First of all, for the first 2 weeks in October we were house/kindergartner/teenager sitting for some dear friends who were out of the country.  Craft-wise I got quite a bit done in those two weeks but, as you can imagine, there wasn't a whole lot of time to update the blog here.  Four days after our house-sitting adventure, my husband and I spent 5 days in Phoenix, Arizona while he was doing some training for his company.  That translates into "I sat on the sofa in the hotel, watched scary movies, worked on my daughter's Halloween costume (another post to come on that) and stitched."

Now I'm finally home, unpacked, and ready to get back into my routine.  Spending 3/4 of a month away from home is a strange way to live. 

Let's start this month's Look Back with Wild Thing.  This will be the last update on this piece until I get it mailed off.

Here is September's Look Back:

Wild Thing - End of September

And, for the final update, here is how Wild Thing looked after being judged in the county fair:

Wild Thing - October 2011
(There is no picture of the completed back of this project, because I framed it before I thought to take it.  Oh well!)

Yes, I won a blue ribbon.  But, since our county had such a small showing EVERYONE won a blue ribbon.  Along with the ribbon came the amazing prize money of exactly $3.00 which I promptly deposited into my checking account. LOL

--On a bit of a side note, my aunt Lesli won Best Overall for her beautiful work. Her blog is http://fabulousfrogger.blogspot.com/ so if you aren't following her already you definitely should! This is what hers looked like:

Isn't it gorgeous?
Now we come to the project I've been waiting to work on again -- Cinderella!!  This is what I brought with me to Phoenix and spent countless hours working on while not having to deal with day-to-day interruptions.

This last time I was able to work on this was in August, so here's what it looked like back then:
Cinderella - August 2011
And here is what 5 days of work amounts to:

Cinderella - October 2011

Back of Project

Overall progress
I love being able to see exactly what I got done.  It was a little discouraging because I spent a majority of my time working on the front of the castle which consists of regular threads tweeded with metallics.  They are so slow going in that it feels like nothing is coming together!  I believe I'm almost done with them for now, so I'll be able to work on the sky more. 

That's all for this month's Look Back.  Hope you enjoyed it!  Be on the look out in the next few days for a picture tour through me making my daughter's Halloween costume and (hopefully) much more progress on Cinderella. 

Happy stitching!!

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Kaisievic said...

Great progress on Cinderella and congrats on your blue ribbon.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Lesley said...

Great progress on Cinderella. Your Aunt's work is gorgeous,congrats to her on a deserved win. I love your sampler framed,it really is a lovely design.

Kathy S said...

It's looking great. And your Aunt's is really beautiful.

lesli said...

Thanks for posting the picture of my work :)

Have you looked into using Thread Heaven? You can get it at Joann's. It's like a beeswax that you slide your thread through to keep it from knotting. I've read on so many blogs about how much stitchers love using it with their metallics. Here's their site: http://www.threadheaven.com/howtouse.html Check it out..might make metallics less painful!