Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm a WINNER!!

I know I'm behind in posting a Wild Thing update (no, it's not done yet) but I just had to pop over here and share:


I am beyond excited to have won a giveaway on a fellow craft blog.  The best part is I have been thinking about this one ever since I entered and was really hoping to win this.

Wanna know what I won?

This totally awesome Coffee Bean Tote Bag which was made by Bec over at smallbirdie.  I'm such a huge fan of repurposing things and this bag is the perfect example of taking a throw-away type item and turning it into something useful.  The best part?  Teal is my favorite color!!  Yay!!  =)

You can find the post >>here<< which contains the tutorial to create a repurposed coffee bean tote bag of your very own.  The entry was a guest post by Bec which was hosted by Allison of little lovelies.

Both blogs are absolutely lovely, with lots of neat ideas for DIY and repurposing.  Take some time now to head over and check them both out!

Big thanks again to Allison and Bec.  I can't wait to see this adorable bag in person!  =)

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Congratulations! It looks great.