Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8/9/11 Wild Thing

This is my little girl's last week before school starts Kindergarten.  I seriously can't believe she is old enough for school and I'm a bit of a wreck.  It's not that I don't think she'll love it (if she's anything like me, she'll be a totally nerd and really enjoy going to school) but I worry about not having my eye on her every hour of the day.  She took her first trip away from me the other day to the water park with the church and I was a nervous wreck from the time she got on the bus until I went to pick her up.  She, naturally, had a great time and didn't miss me one bit while all I could think about was picking her up. 

Anywho, through all the craziness I have managed to finish Mr. Giraffe:

He sure looks better with some eyes!

Overall progress
 There were some difficulties stitching over the past few days.  Two days ago, our power went out in the middle of the afternoon and didn't get restored for over 6 hours.  This was especially terrible because our A/C unit already has a difficult time keeping our home under 80 degrees on a good day.  With no power, our house became unbearable, so we spent a while in the car with the kids.  Once the sun went down the house started to cool off a bit, so we all parked ourselves in different rooms and lay quietly until the power was restored. 

On Sunday, we went to the water park with my in laws.  The kids had so much fun but I'm beginning to realize that I just don't have the same amount of energy that I used to!  I'm sure they would have stayed all day if mommy hadn't gotten so tired!  LOL  Then, yesterday, I babysat my daughter's best friend so the majority of the day was filled with Disney movies, dress up, and popsicles.

Through all that, I managed to find at least enough time to finish the giraffe up.  Now I just have to decide which animal to do next. 



Kaye over at Kitten Stitching is hosting a giveaway to celebrate reaching the 20 followers milestone!  She's put together a lovely gift pack to the winner, including hand dyed threads and very cute charts.

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Crafty Moo is also hosting a giveaway.  You can enter to win a plethora of prizes, including a keychain, ribbon, and some Lugana!

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Happy stitching everyone!

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sharine said...

Your birth sampler is looking so cute. I now what your saying about your daughter my eldest starts school next year and I am seriously dreading it.