Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7/20/11 Wild Thing

Not a huge update today, but I'm convinced that if I at least show a little bit of progress then my brain will want to sit down and stitch more. 

Slowly but surely getting there.

I haven't been in the stitchy mood much lately.  It didn't help that yesterday I spent a majority of my morning at the eye doctor with my very uncooperative 5 year old.  Thankfully, she does not need glasses and she can start school in August without me constantly being worried about her vision.  But the appointment was a total nightmare!  She screamed, yelled at the doctors, and would shut her eyes whenever they asked her to look at shapes.  We finally did manage to get her to cooperate but by the end of it I was worn out.  By the time we got home in the afternoon all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and veg.

Today isn't looking too much better for stitching.  We may or may not have company over tonight, so I'm going to be cleaning the house, going to the grocery store with both the kids, and then making dinner.  Ugh!  Need a vacation stat!

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Anonymous said...

Progress is progress. It looks good. Sorry she didn't cooperate at the doctors for you. I would have felt the same way after. I hope you have a better day today!