Friday, October 4, 2013

New project start 10/4/13

My husband is a sports fanatic.  October seems to be a particularly busy month for him sports-wise, so most of our evenings are spent putting the children to bed and then being bored to death by watching a sportscast of some kind.  I, as you have probably guessed, am not one who enjoys playing or watching sports.

I am a cross-stitcher for a reason.

Regardless, I try to be as supportive of his teams as possible.  Right now his favorite baseball team is making a run for the World Series.  They are actually playing as I type this, but since my hubby isn't home from work yet I don't have to listen to it!  I'm watching the Dead Poets Society instead.

I've spent most of the morning charting out a new piece to work on.  It only has around 800 stitches so hopefully it won't take too long.  If it turns out nicely then I'm going to make one for my brother as well.  He is currently serving in the USAF and is stationed all the way out in Utah, so I know he misses being able to watch the games with his favorite team.

Here's a quick peek at what I'm starting tonight.  And hey!  I may even have enough time to finish and frame it before the fair in 2 weeks.

I charted this one up using graph paper at first just to figure out dimension and then used KG Chart to finish the rest of it.  It's my first time using that program so I guess I'll see how it goes.

In case you haven't figured out which sports team happens to be my husband's favorite, I thought I'd share this little tidbit with you.  For those of you with Siri on your Apple devices, why not run and ask her who her favorite NFL team is.

It's hilarious.

Happy stitching!  =)


Bianca said...

That little tidbit about Siri is so funny!

Jan Gartlan said...

Good luck with your new design. It looks fabulous!