Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cinderella mini update

I know I'm slacking on updates again. I figured since I'm about to head to bed I'd throw a quick one up here so you all can see where I am.

Page two has been gridded using 4lb fishing line. I did wash off the previous grid lines, but that process and results deserves it's own bigger post. 

This is approximately 1200 stitches into page two.  Buildings are taking shape and there is a TON of green.

More to come soon!


lesli said...

Looks great, Lauren! Are you liking the fishing line better than the pen lines?

Monique said...

Its lookinf fantastic so far.

sharine said...

It is looking great!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing if you like this griding way better. I'm thinking about doing the griding on my next project. To see how much easier it is. I love the look of this! So pretty!

Keebles said...

I've always found that if I put the material in a thing of ice water and let it set, that always takes out the supposed "water soluble" ink that is anything but! I just leave it in till all the ice melts.